1What areas do you cover?
We covers all area of London within the M25.
2What residential cleaning services do you provide?
We provide a general cleaning service for homes and commercial properties, including one-off cleans, and an oven cleaning service
3Are you insured?
Yes, All our cleaners have full public liability insurance.
4Do you offer any residential cleaning services guarantees?
We feel no written guarantees are necessary, at the end of a clean if you are not satisfied, neither are we! We will not leave until you are fully satisfied with the service we provide.
5Can you provide references from some of your customers?
Yes, we can provide references from our current customers.
6How do you ensure quality of your housekeepers?
Our cleaners are interviewed at our office to ensure the suitability of the applicant. In addition to that we require cleaners to provide us with verifiable proof of identification, address and two references, one of which has to be a previous employer; only a minority of applications go through our screening process successfully.
7Can I specify the day the housekeeper comes?
You can specify the day for the cleaner to come. We will make every effort to supply you with a suitable cleaner for the chosen day.
8Who pays the housekeeper, you or I?
You do. Our regular clients pay the cleaner £ 6 per hour rate on the day of the work. If you require a one-off cleaning, different rates will apply.
9How long will it take you to find me a housekeeper?
We try to supply you with a suitable cleaner within 24 hours. Sometimes it may take a little longer depending on where you are, what days you want etc.
10What do I do if the cleaner doesn't turn up?
If this should happen, please call us and we can arrange another cleaner to come.
11Who is responsible for providing the cleaning products and materials?
You are responsible for supplying cleaning materials and equipment in addition to making arrangements for access to your home. Alternatively we can supply cleaning materials but there will be an addition cost.
12Are there any restriction placed on the cleaner, with regards to what they will clean?
Yes, they will not perform any deep or specialised cleaning of any antique, delicate or valuable items. Also they will not do outside window cleaning unless it's on the ground floor.
13What about damages?
While we will, of course, treat your home with the greatest of care, accident can and do occasionally happen. Perfect Clean is fully insured for such occurrences, and should any damage or breakage occur whilst we are cleaning your home, we will undertake to replace or repair the item.
14Will I have the same cleaner every week?
Yes providing you is happy with your cleaner! If you are not, simply give us a call, and we will either speak to your cleaner on your behalf or find another one for you.
15Can my cleaner come when I am at work?
You can leave a set of keys with the cleaner. You don't have to be in on the day the cleaner comes. 90% of our cleaners hold keys for client's homes
16Are there a minimum number of hours per visit?
Yes. We require 2 hours minimum per cleaning vis